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Why the Cost of Self Storage Varies

Published On: June 7, 2013By

All too often the first question someone asks when inquiring about self storage is, “How much is your 10×10?” The reason why this question is so frequently asked is because a 10×10 is a common relatable size to everyone and more often than not the inquirer doesn’t know much more past that.

Many Different Types of Self Storage Units

Now, the reason why this question never has an exact answer is because there are several variables that go into pricing self storage units. First is the type of self storage unit.  Do you need climate controlled, heated/ventilated or just a plain standard storage unit? Another factor can be location of the unit. Sometimes a storage facility will discount units located on 3rd floors or higher because of the extra steps it takes to reach the unit. Another common factor can be time of year. Storage facilities on the east coast are more likely to discount units during the winter time or offer more specials, while storage facilities on the west coast are more likely to discount in the summer time.

Reserve Self Storage Early for the Best Price

Finally, and maybe most importantly occupancy can determine the price of a self storage unit.  Think about the last time you needed a hotel room. If you checked the price in advance but didn’t book until closer to your date the room probably cost more when you finally booked. As the hotel received higher occupancy the demand of your room rose changing the cost.   The same principal applies to self storage. This is why when you call to inquire most Property Managers or customer service reps will urge you to reserve immediately.

There may be other reasons not listed here that self storage pricing can vary but these are some of the main reasons and ones to be on watch for. Make sure to always check back on pricing and book early so you are guaranteed the lowest cost.

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