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What is the Average Cost for Home Staging?

Published On: June 2, 2022By


Staged homes sell 88% faster than those that are not staged. Plus, on average, they sell for 20% more. When it comes to a task as big as selling your home, making sure you do everything you can to set yourself up for success is essential. Home staging is a great way to bring in more prospective buyers, and get more offers on your home. There are many things to consider before jumping in, including understanding the average cost for home staging. Below is a comprehensive guide on the cost of home staging, additional home staging fees, the reasons people choose to stage their homes, and why it’s beneficial.

Cost for Home Staging

On average, you are going to be paying around $1,600-$2,400 per month for home staging. The cost of home staging is entirely dependent on how many rooms you need to be staged, and how long you need to stage them. Most companies charge around $500-$600 per room, so if you are budgeting, plan to tackle the most important rooms like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. This monthly cost covers the rental of the items used to stage each room in your house. You should also keep in mind that a consultation will cost between $200-$600 as well.

Why is Home Staging Expensive?

It’s important not to think of home staging as an expense, but rather as an investment. Although a few thousand dollars can seem like a lot of money, homes that are staged sell for more money and spend less time on the market. Essentially, spending the money to get your home staged will get you out of your old home faster and will put more money in your pocket.

Home staging has a high expense because it requires stagers to purchase items that work with the décor you already have in your home. They’ll need to buy things like flowers, towels, and small decorations to liven up your space without doing a complete overhaul.

If you are working with an empty space, your stagers will need to bring in a lot of furniture and decorations, which may require hiring additional help. Since you will be using quite a bit of their inventory, you’ll be charged a larger rental fee to cover all of the items used.

Additional Home Staging Fees

Aside from the monthly rental fee for home staging, there may be additional fees that you should budget for when deciding to stage your home. An initial consultation can cost anywhere between $200 and $600. If your home stager recommends repainting certain rooms in your home, a professional painter will cost around $300. To save money, you can opt to paint your rooms yourself for around $100 instead. Unless you have a very organized and tidy home, your home stager will likely recommend that you declutter for home staging. To do this, they will recommend placing any unused items in storage while your house is on the market. Clearing clutter out of your home will make it appear larger and more appealing for potential home buyers. The cost of storage can range from about $100-$300 per month depending on the size and unit type you select. Prices may also vary depending on your location and the time of year you are storing.

What Is Home Staging?

When you elect to pay for home staging, a professional will come into your home and use their interior design and real estate expertise to make your home marketable. Essentially, they will use their design skills to highlight the best parts of your home and attract the maximum amount of home buyers.

The cost for home staging includes the following services:

  • A full assessment of your home
  • A design vision statement outlining the plan for staging your home
  • Options of all furniture rental options and styles for your selected rooms
  • A detailed to-do list of what you need to do as the homeowner
  • Optional services like organizing, packing, and decluttering
  • Set up and removal of all décor and furniture

Why Should You Stage Your Home?

According to, staging your home, on average, will result in it selling 88% faster and up to 20% more than a home that is not staged. If you have a tight turnaround to sell your house and move into your new home, a faster home sale is essential. Plus, a higher sale price means more money to help pay for moving expenses.

Staging your home helps buyers imagine themselves living there. It helps build a story and attracts more people to make an offer on your home.


That’s it! We hope our article on the average cost for home staging has helped you gain a better understanding of whether it is the right fit for you. Make sure to consider the advantages of home staging instead of just looking at the price tag. Although it’s a big investment, there are so many benefits to staging your home. If you want to try it yourself, check out our 11 tips to stage your home on a budget.

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