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Nursery Room Ideas

Published On: March 19, 2020By

Let's be honest, your baby won't really care what their nursery looks like - but you will! Here are few nursery room ideas to spark your imagination.

Nursery Room Ideas

Let’s be honest, your baby won’t really care what their nursery looks like – but you will! Over the next few months, even years, you’ll be spending a lot of time in this room, so you want it to be functional and welcoming. Additionally, color can play a huge role in your child’s mood, behavior, and even stimulation. Choosing the right nursery room color based on color psychology can largely influence the design you choose and the overall look of your nursery room. While there are countless options for nursery room designs, the following ideas can help get you started.

nursery room ideas to contrast dark colors with bright colors

Contrast Dark Colors with Bright Colors

A new trend in nursery room design is to have a dark accent wall. Dark colors can be calming and can darken the room to promote sleep. It’s important, though, to also add small pops of bright color. Warm colors can invoke happiness and make the darker space seem brighter and more inviting.

Give It a Pop of Elegance

Looking to keep things simple? Go with a classic color palette without too many bright, ambitious colors. To add some elegance, add a classy light fixture. The room will feel open and the lack of color and pattern makes the room feel less cluttered. Simple elements like a chandelier will tie the room together without much effort.

Add a Bit of Greenery

Adding plants to your nursery (at a safe distance) can be incredibly beneficial to the health of your baby. House plants help remove toxins from the air and reduce respiratory infections in children by 12%. Plants can also act as a humidifier, reducing dust and dry air and reducing things like coughs, dry eyes, and sore throats. Studies have also shown that having plants in your home can boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety. If you are not well-versed in houseplants, look for ones that can survive without much care. 

Hang Wall Art

To tie your color scheme together, find some large art that matches the theme of your nursery. Hang it above your baby’s crib to establish it as the focal point of the room. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can either go for a stand-out frame, or something more simple. Ensure that the painting is well-secured to the wall and far enough above the crib that it cannot be pulled down. 

Try an Accent Rug

Don’t leave it up to the wall decorations to bring life to the nursery. Move the nursery room theme to the floor with an accent rug. Make sure to put a non-slip rug pad underneath your accent rug. There will be many late nights and very early mornings where you will be going into the nursery and the last thing you want is a slippery rug to worry about. 

Add Some Shape to the Walls

Another huge trend going around is wallpaper in nursery rooms. Add some shape to the walls of your nursery by installing wallpaper or buying wall stickers to give your walls a fun new design. It is recommended to only apply wallpaper or stickers to one accent wall of your nursery, as too much pattern can be over-stimulating and may cause anxiety and stress in your baby. 

Embrace Neutrals

It can be tempting to go all out in your nursery and choose bright colors and patterns to make it unique. Embrace the alternative by going with a minimalist nursery that sticks to neutral colors. While color can evoke positive emotions in your baby, too make color can actually work in the opposite direction and cause negative feelings. Keeping your nursery room to just neutral colors can positively impact mood and sleep and will allow you to introduce your child to other stimuli without overwhelming them. 

Create Wall Murals with Washi Tape

If you want to decorate the walls of your nursery room in a safe, non-toxic way, try washi tape. Unlike wallpaper, it does not require chemicals or glue, and it can easily be removed from your walls without leaving any residue behind. Because it is so easy to install and remove, you can try out different designs and it leaves plenty of room for error as you can easily remove the washi tape and try again. Washi tape is also great for decorating the walls of your nursery because unlike wall art, your child won’t be able to grab it down off the wall and potentially injure themself. 


As you continue to look for nursery room ideas to inspire your own nursery room, it’s important to keep in mind color scheme, safety, and practicality. Above everything, go with what makes you happy. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery, so you want it to be a space where you feel best. For more ideas for enjoying your home, sign up for our once-monthly newsletter.