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How to Store Hats

Published On: October 25, 2022By

Guardian Storage gives tips and tricks on how to store hats.

How to Store Hats

When learning how to store hats, there are many things to consider. The proper hat storage type depends on the hat you own and how long you will be storing it. Hats come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. It’s important to take the time to research each type of hat to ensure you are taking the proper steps to store it. By taking these essential steps to store your hats, you can make certain that they keep their shape, color, and quality.

Hat Storage Prep

Before storing your hat, thoroughly clean it with a hat brush. Gently brush out all trapped in dust and dirt. You’ll also want to find the perfect place to store your hat. Avoid places with high humidity, like attics, garages, or sheds. You should also make sure your storage area isn’t anywhere that gets direct sunlight. Over time, sunlight will cause the fabric to fade.

Storage for Different Types of Hats


The fabric in beanies will stretch if hung. Instead, flatten your beanies and stack them on top of one another. You can store them in a box, plastic bin, or on a shelf away from direct sunlight.

Baseball Caps:

Baseball caps are made of durable fabric, so they should maintain their shape if stored correctly. There are several different storage options for baseball caps. If you want them displayed, you can place them on a shelf or create a display wall with command hooks and hang them from there. Alternatively, baseball caps can be hung on pegs, coat hangers, or with over-the-door storage options.


Berets are pretty easy to maintain. Lightly stuff your beret with acid-free tissue paper to help it keep its shape. From there, you can store it in a box or plastic bin. Make sure not to store anything heavy on top of your berets, or they may lose their shape.

Felt & Wool Hats:

Stuff your felt or wool hats with acid-free tissue paper or a soft scarf before storing. If you can, some people also choose to use Styrofoam heads to help the hats keep their shape. For these types of hats, you will want to use a hat box to keep them safe. Depending on the shape and size of your hats, you may be able to stack them inside of one another to save space.

how to store hats

Hat Box Storage Tips

When storing a hat inside of a shoebox, you should always place the hat upside down with the brim of the hat facing up. This is done to preserve the shape of the hat for long-term storage. If stored with the brim down, the brim would begin to flatten over time.

If you choose to nest your hats to save space, they should all be hats of the same shape and size. Heavy hats can cause lighter ones to lose their shape. You should always place the heaviest hats on the bottom of the pile to avoid this problem.

Once you have filled your hat boxes, make sure to label them. This makes it easier to find the hat you are looking for and avoids disrupting other hat boxes in the search for the right hat.

Do not use mothballs near your hats, as they are filled with chemicals. Instead, place cedar chips or cedar rings near your hat boxes. The smell of cedar is known to deter bugs, and it contains no harmful chemicals.

By following these basic hat storage tips, you help ensure that your hats maintain their shape, color, and quality. It’s important to remember to keep your hats away from humidity, sunlight, and heavy objects that could distort the shape of your hat. When storing your hats, consider their shape and material. Use good judgment, and your hats should be absolutely fine.

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