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How to Store Fragile Items

Published On: February 17, 2020By

Packing & Storing Fragile Items

Some of the most stressful items to pack and store when moving include fragile items like glassware, mirrors, and antiques, but with the right steps and packing materials, you will be able to safely store these items with ease. Below are some tips on how to store fragile items to ensure their safety during your move.


Opt for a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

When selecting your storage unit, go with one that is climate-controlled. Extreme temperature shifts can cause fragile items to break. Climate-controlled storage units maintain consistent humidity and temperature year-round, keeping your items safe. 


Stock Up on Packing Materials

Prepare yourself by stocking up on packing materials. Purchase boxes in various sizes, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper, cardboard dividers, packing tape, and markers.


Choose the Right Size Box

Selecting the right size box is a key component when packing fragile items. Opt for higher quality boxes you know are clean, safe and pest-free. Avoid boxes that once contained food products, as they may carry bacteria. 

You never want to overpack a large box with fragile items as they could get crushed under the weight. Plus, a large box allows space for items to shift, which leaves them vulnerable to damage. Larger items should be placed in their own boxes to allow more space for the appropriate packing material.


Wrap Items for Protection

Next, you’ll want to wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap, packing paper or tissue paper depending on the item. Common household items like towels and blankets can be used to wrap larger items like TVs and pictures.

Once wrapped, allow enough room between the items to insert cardboard dividers. Then, surround the items with Styrofoam padding or peanuts to create a shock-absorbent barrier.


Add a Layer of Bubble Wrap for Cushion

Save space to add a layer of bubble wrap or foam peanuts between your items and the top of the box to act as a cushion.  This will protect your items from getting crushed if another box would happen to get placed on top. If you are stacking items like glasses, dishes or bowls, make sure to wrap each item individually before stacking.


moving box containing fragile items

Mark Boxes as Fragile

Once your boxes are filled, mark them as fragile so they will be handled with care. Avoid stacking boxes on top of ones containing fragile items. If need be, make sure they are light to avoid any damage.


We hope you found these tips on how to store fragile items helpful! For more packing and storing tips, sign up for our once-monthly blog newsletter!