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How to Store a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit

Published On: September 15, 2022By

How to Store a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit

Proper Motorcycle Storage in a Storage Unit for Winter

As the seasons shift towards colder weather, it’s time to consider how to store your cherished motorcycle safely for the winter months. Properly storing your motorcycle is crucial to protect its value and ensure it remains in excellent condition. In this guide, we will outline the steps to follow when storing your motorcycle in a storage unit, helping you avoid potential damage.

1. Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

Before you can store your motorcycle in a storage unit, ensure it’s in running condition. Additionally, gather your motorcycle’s registration and proof of ownership.

2. Off-Site Maintenance

If any repairs or maintenance are needed, perform them off-site before bringing your motorcycle to the storage unit.

3. Storage Unit vs. Garage

Choosing the right storage environment is critical. Storage units offer complete sealing, safeguarding your motorcycle from outdoor elements. This protection is vital for preventing moisture and humidity damage. Garages, on the other hand, may expose your motorcycle to weather and pests due to frequent door openings and closings, making storage units the preferred option.

Storing a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit: 

4. Selecting a Storage Company and Unit Size

When searching for a storage company, prioritize reputation, reviews, multiple locations, security measures (such as gated entry, video monitoring, and keypad access), and climate-controlled storage. Climate-controlled units maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels year-round, crucial for preserving your motorcycle.

Most motorcycles comfortably fit in a 5×10’ storage unit, with space for additional gear like helmets. If storing multiple motorcycles, consider upgrading to a 10×10’ or 10×15’ unit.

5. Fill the Gas Tank

Before storage, completely fill your motorcycle’s gas tank to prevent condensation, which can lead to rust. Add a fuel stabilizer to maintain gas quality.

6. Change Oil and Fluids

Inspect and replace all fluids, including oil, brake fluid, clutch, and coolant. Regular fluid changes prevent corrosion and damage to engine components. After replacing fluids, take your motorcycle for a brief ride to circulate them. Lubricate the throttle, kickstand, shifter, and clutch cables to prevent moisture-induced rust.

7. Disconnect the Battery

To preserve the battery, remove it from the motorcycle, store it in a warm place to prevent freezing, and connect it to a trickle charger. If you keep the battery in the motorcycle, ensure it’s fully charged and run the bike monthly.

8. Clean and Protect Your Motorcycle

Thoroughly clean and dry your motorcycle before storage to prevent rust and fabric seat damage. Apply wax to repel moisture and use appropriate protectants for leather or vinyl seats. If it’s raining when you move your motorcycle into storage, wipe it down to prevent moisture-related issues. Place a sock or rag in the exhaust pipe to deter pests.

9. Prevent Flat Tires

Inflate your tires to their maximum air pressure before storage. Temperature fluctuations can lead to pressure reduction. Consider removing the tires or using a lift to prevent flat-spotting.

10. Invest in a High-Quality Cover

Protect your motorcycle from dust, dirt, moisture, and scratches by investing in a high-quality, breathable cover. Avoid plastic tarps, as they can damage the paint. Use the cover when your motorcycle is not in storage to prevent paint fading and leather cracking.

Guardian Storage Can Help!

By following these tips for storing your motorcycle in a storage unit, you will ensure that it stays in perfect working condition. To find a drive-up storage unit near you, check out our list of storage locations. For more storage tips, sign up for our once-monthly blog newsletter.

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