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How to Pack Knives for Moving

Published On: May 16, 2023By

How to Pack Knives for Moving

When preparing for a move, your kitchen will be one of the most difficult areas of your house to pack. We’ve already created a guide for how to pack a kitchen, but packing knives for a move is a completely different story. Knowing how to pack knives for moving is so important. Improperly packing your knives for your move can lead to damage to other items and the knives, as well as injury to you or your movers. Luckily, packing knives for your move is actually fairly simple and can help keep everyone safe on the big day.

labeling moving boxes with kitchen

Gather Your Packing Supplies

In order to properly pack your knives for the move, you’ll need the following:

knives in a moving block to be packed for moving

Pack Knives in a Knife Block

If you already have a knife or cutlery block where you store your knives, that’s your best bet for packing knives for a move. Knife blocks are the safest way to pack away steak and chef knives, plus any larger knives, to ensure they are safe during the move.

To properly pack your knives in a knife block, follow the following steps:

  • Secure the knives into the knife block by taping them down at several different angles. Make sure there’s enough tape that if you were to shake the knife block or turn it upside down, the knives would stay secure.
  • Wrap the block in several layers of packing paper, followed by one or two layers of bubble wrap for additional protection.
  • In the small moving box that you’ve labeled, add a layer of crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap. Place the wrapped knife block into the box, then fill any empty space with additional packing paper or bubble wrap.

knives laid out on a mat

Pack Knives Separately

If you don’t have a knife block, don’t worry! You can pack your knives for your move separately, it just may take a few extra steps. The following are the steps you’ll want to take to pack your knives for your move:

  • Sort knives into categories (i.e. butter knives, steak knives, and large knives live chef’s and carving knives).
  • Put covers on any knives that have them.
  • Place down two to three layers of packing paper. Put your knives down on the paper leaving about one to two inches between each. Make sure to do this with knives of the same type – you will have sorted them out in step one.
  • Starting at one end, roll the packing paper over the first knife and proceed until all knives are rolled up in the paper.
  • Depending on the size and the sharpness of the knives, you may want to wrap the bundle in an additional layer of bubble wrap or even a dishcloth or old t-shirt.
  • In a labeled small moving box, place a layer of crumpled packing paper or paper towels. Place your bundles of knives into the box and fill any empty space with extra dishcloths, paper, or bubble wrap.


When learning how to pack knives for moving, the most important thing is to be safe. Pack your knives with caution and make sure to pack them securely. When in doubt, add more layers of protection to keep yourself and your other items safe. Lastly, make sure the boxes containing your knives are clearly labeled.

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