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How to Pack a KitchenAid Mixer for Moving

Published On: May 19, 2020By

For the best results and to protect your other, more fragile kitchen items, follow our tips on how to pack a KitchenAid mixer for moving.

KitchenAid mixers are a pretty big investment, and, like all expensive items, you’re going to want to give them extra care while packing your kitchen for a move. Unlike hand mixers, KitchenAids are very heavy and have a lot of additional attachments. The biggest things to keep in mind when packing your KitchenAid mixer are its size and weight. It’s a little too massive and way too heavy to pack along with your other kitchen items. For the best results, follow our tips on how to pack a KitchenAid mixer for moving.

Take Apart Your KitchenAid Mixer

Start the packing process by taking apart your KitchenAid. Remove any attachments and unlock the mixing bowl from the stand and set it aside. Grab any other attachments and accessories that came with your KitchenAid so you can pack them all together.

Wrap KitchenAid Mixer Attachments Individually

Take sheets of packing paper and begin wrapping all of the items you set aside individually. Making sure it is all wrapped separately will help avoid scratches or other damage caused during your move. The mixing bowl should be wrapped as well to avoid dents or scratches. Gently place the wrapped attachments inside of the mixing bowl, then place the mixing bowl back into the stand.

Wrap the Cord Separately

To avoid any scratches to the paint of your KitchenAid mixer when moving, you will want to wrap the cord separately. Start by rolling up the cord and securing it with a rubber band. Once it’s all in place, wrap the bundle tightly with packing paper.

Protect the Entire KitchenAid Mixer

Once all attachment and accessories are wrapped and secured, it’s time to move on to the full KitchenAid mixer. Using either a towel or furniture pad, begin to tightly wrap the entire mixer. Make sure the wrap is snug and covers it fully. Use packing wrap or stretch wrap film to tightly secure the padding around the mixer.

Place the Mixer in a Box

If you have the original box the mixer came in, place it back in that box, and use crumpled packing paper to fill any empty space. You want to make sure the mixer is unable to shift. If you don’t have the original box, use a medium moving box. Line the bottom with packing paper, towels, or clothing. Place the mixer in the center of the box and fill all remaining space with the packing material of your choice. Do not use packing peanuts, as they shift too much during transit and will leave your mixer vulnerable to damage. It is best to keep your KitchenAid standing up when packing, instead of on its side.

Pack Your KitchenAid Mixer By Itself

When packing your KitchenAid mixer for moving, do not place it in a box with any other items. The mixer is very heavy and can easily break other items if it shifts during the move. Plus, if your mixer isn’t wrapped securely, other items can cause scratches or damage the paint.

Label Your Box

Once your KitchenAid mixer has been packed, take a sharpie and label the box. First, you should write down what the box contains. Make sure to also write HEAVY and FRAGILE on the box so you and your movers know to treat it with care when handling. Draw arrows indicating THIS SIDE UP to make sure the mixer is always upright. 


Knowing how to pack a KitchenAid mixer for moving ensures it stays safe during travel. While it is a pretty durable appliance, you’ll want to treat it as if it is fragile as a precaution. Remember to pack it separately and fill all empty space. Reinforce your box as needed to compensate for the weight of the mixer. For more tips of packing and moving, sign up for our once-monthly blog newsletter.