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How to Organize Baby Clothes

Published On: June 18, 2018By


How to Organize Baby Clothes

Heather, a blogger (Diary of a First Time Mom) and self-proclaimed “pack rat”, recently discovered the convenience of self-storage for baby clothes. As her daughter continues to grow up, and subsequently grow out of all of her clothing and toys, she is left with a big decision: toss or keep? Like most parents, Heather plans to keep her daughter’s baby clothing and other gear in case she decides to have another baby. While this is a cost-effective decision that will benefit her greatly down the road, it also means she is stuck with all the clothing, toys, and other baby items she is not currently using. To keep her home from becoming consumed by it all, she had to learn how to organize baby clothes and other items from her daughter.

Knowing that she wouldn’t be needing the unused items anytime soon, Heather decided to rent a storage unit at Guardian Storage. This way, she’s able to store the items safely until she needs them again. Heather has freed up tons of space in her home for the items her daughter is using now. She is even able to store out-of-season clothing that still fits her daughter to save even more space.

In her blog, Heather shares great tips on how to store baby clothes and how to organize toys. Check out her story of deciding to rent a storage unit and organizing everything for storage. Plus, see how she gives back to her community using her “pack rat” tendencies.

A storage unit for baby clothes is the best way to keep your keepsakes and baby gear safe.

Need to organize baby clothes, but don’t quite have enough yet to fill a storage unit?

Try these cheap and easy methods on how to organize baby clothes:

1. Use a hanging shoe organizer

  • By utilizing the space behind the door in your baby’s nursery, you can easily roll up and store onesies, socks, accessories, or even diapers.

2. Grab some drawer organizers

  • These are life-savers when it comes to keeping everything organized. You can snag these at your local dollar store and use them to optimize the space in your dressers. By rolling clothes instead of folding them, you can further organize and optimize each drawer.

3. Sort by month

  • When hanging up your baby’s clothing, sort it by month. Keep all similar-sized clothing together. You can either create labels or simply used a colored hanger to indicate a separation in size. Once they grow out of a size, you can easily grab that section of the closet and pack it away.

4. Take advantage of vertical space

  • Don’t leave a single space in your baby’s closet unaccounted for. Add another rail for more hanging storage lower in the closet. Or, grab bins for things like socks, accessories, or shoes and elevate them off of the floor.

5. In-closet shoe organizer

  • We talked about hanging shoe organizers for your door, but you should also consider one for your baby’s closet. Honestly, who knew babies could own so many shoes? Use this to keep them separated by size or style.