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How to Make Your Closets Appear Larger When Selling Your Home

Published On: March 23, 2021By

Even if you don’t have very spacious closets, there are plenty of things you can do to make your closets appear larger when selling your home.

Typically, closets are a great place to hide things you don’t want people visiting your home to see. But, when you’re selling your home, that’s one of the first places potential homebuyers will look. These homebuyers want to know that their belongings will fit in your home. Even if you don’t have very spacious closets, there are plenty of things you can do to make them appear larger.

Linen Closets

Is your linen closet overflowing? Think about how you can relocate some of the items in the closet to make it appear larger and more organized. If you’ve already started packing, your linen closet is the best place to go for bubble wrap alternatives. Line your boxes that contain breakable items with towels or blankets to add a layer of cushioning. Using your linens as cushions will not only help you pack more efficiently but will help declutter your linen closet to make it appear less cramped. Fold whatever is left neatly and consider using organizational bins to give it a cleaner look.

Kitchen Pantry

A large, well-organized pantry can be a massive selling-point for potential buyers. Since you are planning to move, now is a great time to organize your pantry. Go through and get rid of anything that is past its expiration date. Next, see if you can consolidate similar items. For the most organized, appealing pantry, invest in clear organizational bins or large glass containers to hold bulk items. Essentially, you want buyers to see your pantry and want the same thing for themselves.

Hallway Closet

If your hallway closet has too many coats and other belongings, you’ll want to hide some of that when showing your home. Depending on the season, you can have your family take their coats with them when you leave the house for the showing. If it’s not cold enough outside, put the coats and jackets in a storage unit or condense them in a space-saver bag and slide them under your bed. Consider removing any other items that make the closet feel cramped. You can keep a few things in the closet to show its intended use, but too many things will make it appear small.

Bedroom Closets

Perhaps one of the most important closets homebuyers will look at are bedroom closets, especially the master bedroom closet. Start by making sure your closet gets ample lighting. If you have a yellow-toned lightbulb, replace it with a daylight bulb. These bulbs make the space feel brighter, cleaner, and larger simply by changing the hues. To begin decluttering your bedroom closet, get rid of any clothes that no longer fit or have rips and stains. Pack up any clothes that are out of season or that you won’t get around to wearing before you move. For the rest of the items, make sure everything is well-organized and not cramped. Utilize storage bins and opt for slimmer hangers, as they give the appearance of more space.


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