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  • “Immaculate and secure. A real pleasure.”

    ~Susie Farber
  • “Guardian has the highest quality storage space”

    ~Alan Ctiron

Thirty Years Ago, the Journey Began

Published On: June 9, 2017By

The first Guardian Storage property opened its doors on Centre Avenue in Shadyside, a popular Pittsburgh neighborhood in June 1987.

Thirty Years Ago, the Guardian Storage Journey Began

This new business was an important first in a number of ways. It created urban storage in one of the city’s most populated and desirable areas, it introduced a high-quality option for consumers, and it marked the first joint venture between Steven Cohen and his father, Ted.

They were the perfect team. As owner of Beacon Distribution, a public warehousing and distribution operation, Ted Cohen served as the experienced mentor, advisory partner and networker. Steven brought the research acumen, a strong vision and the drive and enthusiasm to make it happen.

As Steven remembers, “I wanted to develop a business where we could offer a better product, something that would resonate with consumers, something that would benefit them. We started with the property features – we wanted the best lighting, the finest security, good fire protection – and to make sure we had the best customer service on top of it.”

“There’s an excitement in building something for yourself, for your family and knowing that if you work hard at it, you can make something great. I was ready to go,” said Steven

From the very beginning, Guardian Storage knew how to temper the passion to create and succeed with solid research and business intelligence. The company grew but it held true to its best practices: building for current need, selectivity in location in strong markets, and great curb appeal. Likewise, it’s never wavered from its Core Values, which the company developed and commits to as a whole.

“The core values of quality, professionalism, commitment to excellence and superior service became our guidelines. They help us to move forward as one,” Steven explains.

Today, you can find Guardian Storage in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas and in Colorado with the business continuing to grow and serve its customers and its community.

When reflecting on Guardian’s 30-year history and looking toward the future, Steven concludes: “I’m very lucky, it’s been a fabulous journey, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I still love what I do. I still enjoy the relationships. Look what we built together… what a great journey.”