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5 Important Things to Look For When Viewing a Home

Published On: September 13, 2021By

5 Important Things to Look For When Viewing a Home

Ready to buy a home? The best way to know if it’s the right fit is to schedule a viewing. Viewings allow you to walk through the house and get a good idea of the room sizes and neighborhood. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to look for any red flags in the home. Online listings are great for narrowing your search, but viewing the houses in person is the only way to understand what you are buying entirely. These are the 5 important things to look for when viewing a home:

Is the House Messy or Dirty?

While a messy house doesn’t necessarily mean it’s neglected, it does indicate that the seller doesn’t take pride in the state of their home. It could mean that the homeowner hasn’t put much care into the house while they lived there. If this is the case, be on the lookout for other indicators of neglect, and check for spots that may be hidden by large furniture.

How Many Homes are For Sale in the Neighborhood?

High turnover in a specific neighborhood may be an indication that there’s something driving people away. Take note of noise level, proximity to busy roads, crime ratings, and local school districts to understand what could be causing the turnover. If you know anyone from the area, get their opinion on the neighborhood you’re looking at.

Is the Roof in Good Shape?

Take a good look at the roof while you are viewing the home. Look for missing, curled, or green shingles. This could all indicate a poorly maintained roof that may need to be replaced in the next few years – a costly fix that you should consider. While in the home, check the ceilings for signs of water damage, which may also indicate issues with the roof.

Are There Any Moisture Problems?

Your first indicator of moisture problems will be the smell when you walk into the home that you are viewing. If it smells earthy or musty, there’s likely an issue with the moisture levels inside of the house. Be on the lookout for homes that smell strongly of air freshener, as they may be using it to cover up a more significant issue.

Be sure to also check around the window sill for cracking paint. This could indicate rot, which affects the strength of the windows. Rot and cracking paint are an easy way to identify windows that do not seal properly, which can cause excess moisture throughout the home.

Does the Basement Show Signs of Water Damage?

 When viewing a home, make sure to check the basement for any water damage. First, take note of the smell and feel of the basement. Does it smell musty or feel humid? This could be an indication of water being present. Look for any visible water penetration or presence. Check for any watermarks on the walls to indicate past water damage. Look for cracks on the walls to ensure there are no present signs of structural damage.

Now that we’ve gone over the 5 important thins to look for when viewing a home, you should be well on your way to confidently purchasing your home. A skilled realtor will also help you look out for any red flags while you are viewing potential homes. For more great tips on homebuying, make sure to sign up for our once-monthly blog newsletter.