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10 Tips for Storing Your Snow Blower

Published On: April 11, 2023By


After a long, hard winter of clearing snow, it’s time to put away your snow blower until next winter. Quality equipment is an investment, so before you store your snow blower, there are important steps you should take to make sure your machine stays in good condition and continues working optimally for many years to come.

Ten Things to Know About Storing Your Snow Blower in the Off-Season:

  1. Clean and dry the snow blower thoroughly to prevent the build-up of dirt, moisture, and corrosion.
  2. Once dry, spray the exposed metal parts with a rust-prevention spray to protect them from corrosion.
  3. Add a fuel stabilizer to prevent any leftover gasoline from turning into thick gunk that can clog your engine, injectors, and fuel lines.
  4. Change or drain oil in the engine as old oil can cause engine damage when left over a long period of time.
  5. Check all of the hoses and connections for air leaks and other wear or tear. Replace as necessary.
  6. Store your snow blower in a cool, dry area with low humidity levels to protect its components from corrosion or rusting.
  7. Remove all debris from the machine’s exterior.
  8. Lubricate moving parts such as linkage points, pulley areas, and drive mechanisms with quality lubricants before storing.
  9. If storing in a garage or shed, regularly check for rodent infestations around stored snow blowers, as rodents may chew on wiring and other materials for nesting purposes or food sources.
  10. Cover your snow blower to protect it from dust and debris. You can use a tarp or invest in a snow blower cover.

Why Use a Storage Unit for Storing Your Snowblower

A storage unit is ideal for storing your snow blower during the off-season. It provides a secure and climate-controlled environment to keep your machine safe from the elements and any potential damage from rodents. Storage units are often larger than residential storage areas, allowing you to store more items while keeping them organized and accessible.

Many other winter items can be stored in a rental unit along with your snow blower. Snow shovels, ice scrapers, and bags of salt/ice melt are all winter weather essentials that can be placed safely in a secure and climate-controlled area until needed again next season. Extra gloves, hats, blankets, and jackets can all be stored in the unit to keep them safe from dust and moisture as well.

Guardian Storage Makes Storing Your Snow Blower Easy and Affordable

Guardian Storage offers a clean, climate controlled environment for storing your snow blower and other winter gear. Our storage units are available in various sizes to meet your needs, ensuring you can find the perfect area to store all of your tools and equipment.

With competitive rates, 24/7 security, promotional offers, and no long-term contracts, Guardian Storage is the perfect solution for storing your winter gear.

Storage Makes Life Easier Year Round!

A storage unit is a perfect solution for storing all your seasonal items. As Summer turns to Fall, store your garden supplies until it’s time to start planting again. Store patio furniture and pool supplies to keep them from getting damaged by cold weather. And don’t forget to switch out your winter gear for all of those outdoor games and summer toys when the warm weather returns! With a storage unit, you can securely store these seasonal items year-round instead of climbing over them in your home or garage.

Storage units are also great for storing holiday decorations and outdoor furniture when not in use, freeing up valuable space at home while keeping the items safe from damage.

Decluttering your home and yard is beneficial for both mental health and safety. Having less clutter in your living space can reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being. It also helps to keep your home tidy, making it easier to clean and maintain. Having fewer items around the house reduces the risk of accidents or injuries due to tripping or falling over items that have been left out.

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Guardian Storage has you covered if you’re looking for a clean, secure place to store seasonal items.